Where to submit a Support Ticket

Where to submit a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket in any of the followings ways by Customer's Users.  

For all support plans

  1. Email: support@infothink.com.au
  2. Support Portal: https://support.infothink.com.au/portal
  3. Whatsapp: +1-334-463-9510  
  4. Other support channels: WeChat , LINE

For Gold SLA support plan

  1. Telephone: +61 (8) 9210 0048
  2. After hours support number will be provided directly to your designated contact.
Users will be asked to provide their company name and contact information, and each support ticket will be assigned a unique reference number. 

Telephone Support

Telephone Support in English and Cantonese is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. AWST, excluding weekends and holidays. Calls will normally be answered by a triage agent, who will document the case and route it to the appropriate support team for response to Customer.  

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